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Sung Joon Lee, the Chairman and CEO of DiGiFi Global, has over twenty-one years of experience in telecommunications and satellite communication. His career started in 1988 as a software VoIP solution designer and developer. In 1998, he joined a mid-size telecom company where he served as the chief technology officer. 

Chairman Lee designed and developed multi-algorithm wireless security gateway and phased array antenna. In March 2008, he announced KA band satellite communication gateway (version 1). He also has three core patents: multi-algorithm wireless security (not titled), integrated phased array KA band antenna and gateway (not titled) and multi-channel filtering advance routing algorithm  (not titled).
The technology owned by Chairman Lee, is incorporated in various areas, including the National Emergency Communication System in the U.S., Next Telecommunication globally, automotive industry as well as Satellite WiFi hotspots which require no roaming service.

He founded the company in 2011.

Our Technology

With the soaring number of internet users, Internet networks have continued to grow and expand rapidly. Currently, Internet can be accessed through various methods including cable modem and FTTH as well as wireless technology such as 802.11, WiBro, WiMax, LTE, etc. However, these existing networks can only be accessed in limited areas where there are access points and cell towers. Moreover, there is no access to these networks in remote islands or mountainous areas where geographical conditions are not favorable to build these networks. As a solution to these limitations, DiGiFiNet Corporation has developed a next-generation WiFi solution called the DiGiFi SMART Solution, a state-of-the-art telecommunication technology that integrates world-spanning satellite communication with wireless technology to deliver global wireless connectivity anywhere in the world.

Unlike traditional internet service providers and telecommunication operators which require extensive infrastructure (cables, wires, cell towers, etc.) for operation, the DiGiFi-SMART Solution provides satellite-based wireless service through DiGiFi-SMART Towers (antennae) installed throughout a community, city, country, etc. The DIGIFI-SMART Solution uses satellite and wireless DIGIFI-SMART Towers, which communicate with wireless devices and with each other, creating a network (“DIGIFI-SMART Zone”) to provide high speed, wireless internet connectivity to subscribers anywhere, even in places with geographical limitations. The DIGIFI-SMART Towers are light-weight and non-invasive in size (i.e. 5-15 feet), and only a minimal number of towers is required for full service (i.e. only ten DIGIFI-SMART Towers are needed to cover service in Hong Kong). The DIGIFI-SMART Towers can be integrated with almost any wireless platform (e.g. smartphones, tablets, laptops, Smart Watch, Smart TV, automobiles, etc.) for subscribers to be globally connected and eliminates the high costs and lengthy time period needed to build and install cables and cell towers. Because of the satellite coverage that DIGIFI-SMART Solution uses, there is no interruption as subscribers travel because the network is seamless, and wireless devices communicating with the DIGIFI-SMART Towers can be used in all environments including on the sea, in the air, as well as in very remote locations. Additionally, for rural areas and emerging markets, mobile access for communications and information sharing becomes a very affordable reality and easily deployed and expanded.

Field tests have shown that the DIGIFI-SMART Towers are strong enough to provide IP telephony, video and other mobile computing functions at high-speeds up to 15 Mbps, which is considerably faster than 3G and comparable with the current 4G connection.

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DiGiFi-SMART Solution


In summary, the DiGiFi-SMART Solution

1. Eliminates high costs needed to install land cables, wires and build cell towers;
2. Easily provides wireless telecommunication and high speed data transmitting network to almost all regions in the world as there are no geographical limitations in providing the services;
3. Provides world-wide network coverage through a simplified and unified channel network structure; and
4. Can be easily managed and serviced, i.e. during and after natural disasters

As of October 2012, approximately 6.9 billion potential customers exist that can utilize the DiGiFi SMART Solution technology to power their mobile life. The majority of this population does not currently have sufficient or economically viable access to mobile networking at the moment. Because of the costs involved in enabling full scale mobile access, many developing countries are slowly expanding this need on a public level or letting private companies fill in the ‘gaps’ and set up the access needed to connect their countrywide operations. DiGiFiNet changes this paradigm by allowing any country to quickly, cheaply and easily deploy secure mobile ability to their population. Similarly, the network technology that SMART Solution uses can be monitored and controlled by the national telecommunications agency. If government agencies lead the adoption of this technology it can leapfrog adoption throughout the country since public availability will follow government agency installation. This can be accomplished through modified mobile devices, such as tablets or laptop adapter unit, which will enable users to access the SMART Solution network.

How it works

- When a subscriber enters a DIGIFI-SMART Zone, the DIGIFI-SMART Network SSID is recognized by his/her smart phone or tablet.

- When the subscriber chooses the DIGIFI-SMART Network, he/she is redirected to the “Log In / Create an Account” page.

- On the “Create an Account” page, the subscriber first enters his/her name, email address, gender, birthday, address, mobile number, ID/PASS and then chooses the service type – month to month or yearly contract. After the subscriber selects the type of service, he/she will be directed to enter payment/billing information.

- Once the account is created and the payment process is successfully completed, the subscriber logs in using the created ID/PASS and accesses the internet and uses various applications through the DIGIFI-SMART Network Service.

- Registered subscribers can access the DIGIFI-SMART Network Service within any place where DIGIFI-SMART Towers are installed without the need for roaming service or additional Dish antenna.

- When the subscriber logs into the DIGIFI-SMART Network, the antenna receives this information which is then confirmed through the Hub Authorization and Authentication Server.

- Once the authentication process is completed, the requested information is sent from a local antenna to the Hub’s Main Antenna and then to a nearby satellite.

- The satellite communicates with other satellites or the Main Control Center HUB in other continents and then resends the requested information to a local antenna located close by the subscriber.

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Service Structure


3G/4G Service Structure



Key Features

The cost efficient high-speed wireless connectivity will help to maximize social and economic opportunities.


We provide Satellite wireless internet connectivity

Maximizing social and economic opportunities


Hub & Antenna


digifihubgThe HUB-G is a continental carrier-grade control hub system from DiGiFi Network, optimized to support large-scale satellite broadband networks. The DiGiFi HUB consists of the DiGiFi Network Operations Center and DiGiFi families ( Antenna, SAT-Gateway, and Dongle), which operate over Ka-Band satellites.


- Broadband Internet access
- Authentication /Authorization control
- Application
(Government, Education, IP Telephony (VoIP), Banking and Financial, Oil and Gas)
- IPv4 and IPv6 support
- RIPV1, RIPV2 and BGP routing


(New Carrier-grade control system )
For Countries.. Coming soon!



SC-G Antenna

sc_gCoverage: 3.21 Kilometer
Height: 2.1 Meter
Weight: 12 Kg
Type: Tower
Power requirement: 120 ~ 240



SC-c Antenna


Coverage: 8 Kilometer
Height: 3 Meter
Weight: 15Kg
Type: Tower
Power requirement: 120 ~ 240


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is DiGiFi Service?

A: DiGiFi Service is satellite internet service, providing high speed wireless internet connection anytime, anywhere in the world, without the need of extra equipments such as antennae, modems, or routers for end-users.

2. What type of satellite does DiGiFi Service use? Is it different from GPS satellites?

A: DiGiFi Service uses high throughput satellite which differs from GPS satellites used to provide location and navigation information.

3. How does DiGiFi Service differ from other satellite internet services?

A: Other satellite internet services require additional separate equipments such as antennae, modems and/or routers which can become costly, while DiGiFi operates on a more simple structure and does not require these additional equipments, and users within DiGiFi coverage can access WiFi (802.11x) with their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

4. Is DiGiFi Service accessible with WiFi functionality alone?

A: Yes. When WiFi is turned “on” and a user enters a DiGiFi Zone, the wireless device automatically recognizes the DiGiFi Service. Once the user selects and clicks DiGiFi Service, the user is directed to the registration page where he/she registers and purchases a service plan.

5. Could a user use DiGiFi Service anywhere in the world?

A: Yes, service has begun in October 2013 in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Services will begin in Asia in November of this year.

6. Does weather have an effect on DiGiFi Service?

A: While exiting satellite internet services are affected by weather such as rain, DiGiFi Service is not significantly affected by weather because the main control center and local antenna strengthen and convert the signal into WiFi (802.11x) signal.

7. What are the Download / Upload speed?

A: Within DiGiFi’s full service zone, the maximum download speed is 20Mbps and upload speed is 5Mbps, while the average download and upload speeds are 12-15Mbps and 2-3Mbps, respectively.

8. What services, including voice calling service, are available through DiGiFi Service?

A: Basically, all internet based programs such as VoIP and SMS service are available. Beginning 2014, DiGiFi Service will offer free calling plans including internal calling plans to DiGiFi Global subscribers. DiGiFi will also provide Cloud services.

9. What is DiGiFi Service user security?

A: Outside attacks and hacking are prevented through the Zone Hub Authorization and Authentication system.

10. When internet speed becomes slow or signal bar weakens.

A: Such events may occur when the communicating satellite is remotely located from the local antenna or a very high number of users go online simultaneously. Generally, the DiGiFi antenna communicates with the satellite located closest to it, but when there is high usage, it connects to a secondary satellite to accommodate high usage volume.

11. What is a HUB? Is a HUB necessary?

A: A HUB communicates with a satellite by region or continent and manages and controls the local antennae. Accordingly, a HUB is absolutely necessary to effectively access DiGiFi Service.
For example, if there is no HUB in Asia, the local antennae must use other HUBs located in North America or other regions, resulting in slower service speed due to long distance.

12. How does one become a DiGiFi Service provider?

A: Parties interested in becoming a DiGiFi Service Provider must first submit their service proposal including the service region – city and country. Then a decision will be made after application/negotiation process. For more questions, please contact us individually.